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CBA credit card scandal 'just the tip of the iceberg'

The New Daily - The Commonwealth Bank credit card insurance scandal is the "tip of a very large iceberg", legal experts have warned. Philippa Heir, a senior solicitor at the Consumer Action Law Centre, welcomed the bank´s promise to repay $10 million to 65,000 students and unemployed people sold dodgy credit card insurance.

Texas Tech to enter consultant phase in veterinary school quest

Veterinary Practice News - Texas Tech University is poised to begin hiring consultants for its veterinary school project, said Robert Duncan, chancellor of the university. The 85th Texas Legislature, which convened this past January, agreed that the idea for a second veterinary college in Texas-Texas A&M is presently the only one-warranted a closer look.

Welding of 3-D Printed Carbon Nanotube-Polymer Composites

Composites Today - From aerospace and defense to digital dentistry and medical devices, 3-D printed parts are used in a variety of industries. Currently, 3-D printed parts are very fragile and traditionally used in the prototyping phase of materials or as a toy for display. A doctoral student in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Texas A&M University has pioneered a countermeasure to transform the landscape of 3-D printing today.

How Digital Infidelity Can Ruin A Marriage

Fatherly - Chris* knew it was over when she saw it. He´d gone to the bathroom, leaving his computer screen open. Normally, he wouldn´t have been so careless, but it was nearly midnight and his girlfriend was in bed. Or so he thought. As he returned, he saw her, up to get a drink, staring blankly at what was on his screen. It wasn´t a webcam or some explicit material, but a Facebook DM from a woman he used to work with named Nancy. And the chat window contained nearly four months of casual late night flirtation, inside jokes, and, recently, the mention of two after work rendezvous.

Is Houston missing the next energy wave?

Houston Chronicle - In the basement of an engineering building at the University of Houston, Daniel Araya flips a giant switch and air whooshes through a tunnel, spinning a basket-like gadget that turns on a vertical axis.

What Changes Minds About Climate Change?

State of the Planet - Seventy percent of Americans now believe global warming is occurring, and more than half understand that it is mainly caused by human activity, a new report reveals. This is an improvement over 2013, said Edward Maibach, a principal investigator on the report, which came out of the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication and the George Mason University Center for Climate Change Communication.