Texas Tech University

Season One

The COVID-19 pandemic stopped us all in our tracks. In Season 1 of Fearless, we share the stories of our campus community - how a global pandemic promoted innovation and revealed how we're better when we're together.

Steve Presley
Kirby Hocutt
Sam Segran
Aliza Wong
Cassie Christopher and Sofia Chapman
President Lawrence Schovanec

Meet the Characters

Steve Presley  |  Ep. 1

The first positive COVID-19 test in the state came from a Texas Tech lab. Steve Presley and his team knew the result would begin a journey down a long, unprecedented road.

Kirby Hocutt  |  Ep. 2

Kirby Hocutt stood before his head coaches to deliver the hardest reality yet - COVID-19 had ended their seasons. In a moment he will never forget, he found strength among the Texas Tech Athletics community and their united determination to come back stronger than before.

Sam Segran  |  Ep. 3

Transitioning a university entirely online was an extraordinary feat, and in many ways, Sam Segran led that charge. Thousands of people needed him and his IT team to make the seemingly impossible possible.

Aliza Wong  |  Ep. 4

Mask mandates during the pandemic led to nationwide shortages. Aliza Wong and her Honors College team worked to meet that need by using 3-D printers to produce face shields for healthcare workers.

Cassie Christopher and Sofia Chapman  |  Ep. 5

In 2020, studying for the bar exam was more difficult than ever, but Cassie Christopher and Sofia Chapman helped Texas Tech law students succeed when all odds were stacked against them.

President Lawrence Schovanec  |  Ep. 6

"Some days, you'd think, 'How can I get through this?' But you do. You are stronger from it. You can't dwell too much on the test of the day; it's just part of what we do." -Lawrence Schovanec, President, Texas Tech University

Season 1 Trailer

Meet Fearless. In our first season, we could not ignore what was on everyone's mind - how do we come back from COVID-19? You'll hear how a global pandemic promoted innovation and revealed how we're better when we're together.

Ep. 1 | 


In this debut episode, we relive the first moments of the pandemic with city and campus leaders. How, despite their initial feelings of shock and fear, individuals came together for the campus community. We explore how Texas Tech facilitated the first lab in the state to test COVID-19 samples and the hectic planning to bring home study abroad students amid a global travel advisory.

Ep. 2 | 

Bottom Line

This episode is for the sports lover. The pandemic resulted in Texas Tech Athletics suffering one of its most significant revenue losses in recent history. Athletics Director Kirby Hocutt, coaches, and student-athletes share their disappointment and frustration as seasons were forced to end and their futures seemed uncertain.

Ep. 3 | 

Remote Reality

It took a village to make the transition to online learning possible, and this episode features dozens of people who used their unique skills to make it happen. While the stay-at-home orders posed challenges, students, faculty, and staff were able to adapt. From university research to classroom content and everything in between, these stories highlight the many individuals behind the scenes who would soon stand at the center of our remote reality.

Ep. 4 | 

Breaking Point

As the global pandemic wears on, the dangerous side of isolation begins to take shape. During the months of navigating a lockdown, dozens of individuals on campus worked to ensure emotional health remained a top priority. Meanwhile, many local business owners fought to stay afloat, even after months of locked doors.

Ep. 5 | 


It's the small things. This episode highlights how good people performed great tasks to help their neighbors pull through. Plus, the City of Lubbock worked together to provide essential equipment for essential workers, and it all started on the Texas Tech campus.

Ep. 6 | 

A Comeback from COVID

Returning to normal may take a while, but we're committed to getting there. As the Delta variant gripped our country, we fought for a return to pre-pandemic life. Only then would we truly be able to appreciate a comeback from COVID.