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Season Two

At Texas Tech, we talk a lot about research. But did you ever wonder how that research impacts you? What about how it affects our state, our nation, and even the world? In season two of Fearless, we talk about the transformative research at Texas Tech and share stories of what motivates those doing the work.

Tate Corliss
Gerri Botte
Francisco Ortega and Jorgelina Orfilla
Chris Weiss
Noureddine Abidi
Scott Longing
Cameron Smith

Meet the Characters

Tate Corliss  |  Ep. 1

As director of Raider Red Meats, Tate Corliss is using the business model as a training tool for students. Tate explains how these real-world opportunities set students up for success.

Gerri Botte  |  Ep. 2

Since becoming the Whitacre Department Chair in the Department of Chemical Engineering, Gerardine Botte has been busy. Her work is transformative and spans multiple disciplines, from energy to healthcare.

Francisco Ortega and Jorgelina Orfila  |  Ep. 3

Francisco Ortega and Jorgelina Orfila are pioneers. The School of Art faculty members created a therapy tool that empowers individuals to connect with their personal and sometimes difficult life experiences.

Chris Weiss  |  Ep. 4

Chris Weiss is known for his work in the field. Collecting data during severe weather events, he recognizes that patterns have shifted over time, and the center of tornado activity isn't where it used to be.

Noureddine Abidi  |  Ep. 5

Noureddine Abidi's professional path took an unexpected turn early in his career. A native of France, his research at Texas Tech has created an economic advantage for the cotton industry.

Scott Longing  |  Ep. 6

On any given day, there's a good chance you'll find Scott Longing outside. He studies insects, and his fascination with bees has led to exciting discoveries about biodiversity.

Cameron Smith  |  Ep. 7

Cameron Smith is a critical piece of Texas Tech's research puzzle. In the Office of Research Commercialization, he works to translate research discoveries into commercial applications and bring them to the marketplace.


Taylor checks in with listeners to offer a preview of season two, focusing on the impactful research happening at Texas Tech and why it matters to you.

Season 2 Trailer

Fearless is back. Texas Tech is a “Tier One” Very High Research Activity university. While we're proud of that designation, this season aims to go beyond the numbers to uncover how the research happening here is changing lives.

Ep. 1 | 

Who's Got Beef

In this episode, we dive into how Texas Tech's Davis College faculty take their work beyond campus borders. How a girl from West Texas became the highest-ranking female in agriculture, using her discoveries to navigate important conversations about food safety. We'll also introduce you to Tate Corliss, whose involvement in Raider Red Meats began as a student more than ten years ago. Today, he's the program's director, leading one of the most significant distribution efforts on campus. Finally, born and raised in Texas, Dale Woerner understands that agriculture is the lifeblood of this region, so he's investigating how we keep the industry thriving despite a changing culture.

Ep. 2 | 

Earth, Wind and Water

Many university researchers have spent their careers focused on clean energy, including using radar technology to make wind farms more efficient. And more than five decades after a tornado tore through Lubbock, Fearless looks at how that devastating storm impacted the work of two faculty in two different departments.

Ep. 3 | 

Breaking the Mold

Campus researchers are using their work to shape future generations in unexpected ways. For instance, recovering addicts and troubled youth benefit from animation skills learned in a Texas Tech Animation-Making Workshop research lab, and young adults with autism are learning to navigate parenting and relationships thanks to the Burkhart Center for Autism Education and Research. Finally, faculty in atmospheric and social sciences have joined forces to develop a smart home to teach all of us the power of conservation.

Ep. 4 | 

In our current climate

Climate change. It's a subject that garners varying opinions. Is it real? What should we do about it? Who should we look to for answers? From atmospheric to social science, Texas Tech faculty are investigating all facets of our climate, including extreme weather patterns and their impacts on our health, and even how we process topics like climate change in the media.

Ep. 5 | 

Fiber of life

The South Plains is the largest cotton-producing region in the world. With more than three million acres dedicated to the crop, there's no question that it's the fiber of our life. And at Texas Tech, researchers are leveraging the area's emphasis on cotton to explore the plant's entire life cycle, from a more weather-tolerant seed to uncovering a new use for cotton waste.

Ep. 6 | 

Sticky Sweets and Sweet Reds

From colonizing to commercializing, a local beekeeper is buzzing about the production of West Texas honey. What started as a hobby for one Texas Tech alumnus became a passion for promoting the value of honeybees in the region. Plus, university researchers have honed in on a sector of Texas' economy that's growing... on the vine.

Ep. 7 | 

Conversations about commercialization

"It wasn't just about writing papers anymore; it wasn't just about graduating students. It was about taking that knowledge and creating intellectual property.” -John Schroeder, Director, National Wind Institute. What happens after a groundbreaking discovery? Because of people like Cameron Smith, inventions have a life beyond a Texas Tech lab. Cameron and his Office of Research Commercialization colleagues empower researchers and bring their work to the marketplace. In this final episode of season two, we learn about the impact of these efforts.

Bonus Ep. | 

Level Up

In this bonus episode, we revisit the story of CASFER, a new research facility on campus that garnered the largest National Science Foundation grant in Texas Tech history. Its plans to create cheaper, cleaner, more sustainable fertilizer could be transformative for farmers. Fearless goes inside the research to discover more about CASFER through the eyes of a farmer who will feel its impact.